Friday, June 1, 2012

New Catalog!!!

OK, here it is!  I'll be surprised if there is one person out there who hasn't seen it yet, but just in it is!!!  Click on it to be sent straight to the PDF of this awesome catalog!  At anytime I can send you one of these in the mail for only $5 so just let me know!

I have just put my order in for a few items.  The first thing I did was sell all my old ink pads and bought the new ones!  They are so beautiful and ink up so well!  You won't believe the difference!

Open House at my new house on Saturday June 23rd!
Come check out the new catalog, make some cute projects and be nosey and look around my new house.  Mail me for my address if you don't know it!  You will also have the opportunity to sign up for upcoming clubs starting in July (regular club and christmas card club).  I am also wanting to offer a digital studio seminar over a few months and wanted to get some feedback about that!

Happy Shopping!

June 23rd 1:30pm