Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My framelit Organization

I had a post a few weeks ago sharing some organizattion tips for framelit storage.  Here are my attempts.
The Ornament Keepsakes Set comes with 2 boxes.  I combined all the stamps on one side and then covered the left side with a sheet of magnet covered in DSP.  This is a very space conscious  idea, but I keep my stamps on one place and then all my big shot products close to my big shot.  So, not great for me, but still a good idea.

I did try just a covered magnet sheet in the original packaging.  I like it.


ednamburgess said...

I like your first idea where they're both in one box. Easier to find and work with. Edna

Carol Carriveau said...

I will definitely do this when I get the ornament bundle...thanks for sharing your idea!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. That is quite a nice idea!