Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September Mystery Hostess Order

Hey there.  Sorry for being absent so much.  Just can't get a second to sit down and post.  I did want to let you know about my September Mystery Hostess order.

There are several things I want to get and I thought I would share the hostess dollars with you.  Just like last month, login to my site and enter this code:  GREHWP77

The coolest thing about this new hostess code is you can order and it will be sent straight to your home.  So, If you'd like to be entered to receive hostess benefits, you can even if you are out of town.

For every $25 you order, your name will be entered to receive the benefits.  This order will end Sunday at noon.

Here are some of the things I really want:
Magnetic platform now available to order again.

15% Off When you buy this bundled Butterfly Stamp Set and Punch! Get it today.

Envelope Punch Board

Undefined Stamp Carving Kit