Tuesday, February 21, 2012

So proud :)

Have you ever spent hours on something and then pat yourself on the back?  I have had this gorgeous Southern Living flower pot trio for years.  It matches my everyday dishes and everything else in my kitchen.  But, I never knew what to put in them.  Flowers you say?  Um...nope.  I'd kill them right away.  So, when I was at Michael's the other day, I saw a Styrofoam ball and the rest is history.  PAPER ROSES!!  Can't kill those, right?  right???

This was made using our 2.5" circle punch.  Cut each into a spiral and roll around a dowel or something thin.  Here is a link for a petal roller and tutorial.  If I had had one of these, my flowers would look more round and not jagged!  But, I was not going to wait for shipping!  I wanted this project done!  Here is the top view.
And the view up close in the vase.
And the completed project!  My kitchen looks so cool with this little decor element sitting in the corner.
Happy Rolling!