Monday, July 4, 2011

Are you scared to go DIGITAL!

2 years ago, Stampin' Up! introduced My Digital Studio, better known as MDS.  It rocked all our worlds.  If you could have seen thousands of demonstrators jumping up and down, screaming like little girls, you would have laughed.  I know I did. With 2 small children in my home, sitting down and making the beautiful handmade scrapbooks was becoming a lot harder and more stressful for me.  So, I tried it digitally!  Much faster!

This week I am going to show you some of the projects I have made using MDS.  It's not just to make scrapbooks.  It makes photobooks and individual pages, cards and tags, a journal, multi-media projects and calendars.  This last one interests me the most this year b/c SU!, for some strange reason, has stopped selling the 6x6 desktop calendars.  I would make one for my mom and MIL every Christmas.  Now, I'll have to make it digitally, b/c the other calendar kits out there are just not up to snuff :)

Today's project is my daughter's birth announcement.  I knew I had to have a lot of cards, more than I wanted to hand make with a new baby in the house.  So, I created it digitally, saved it as a JPEG, uploaded it to Walgreens and had them print 75 for me at 10 cents a piece.  Now, you are probably wondering why I didn't use the SU! printing options.  The card I would have gotten had I printed with SU! would have been exponentially nicer, but it's also more that $2 a card.  Couldn't afford that.  10 cents was more my speed.  So, if the prices shock you, there are ways around it.  You can even print from your home computer.  (at your own risk).

So, this is one use for MDS.  It was cheap and I got a really pretty card!  For my Tuesday Tutorial, I wanted to video my computer screen to show you how to make your own scrapbook page using MDS.  That is not going to work.  My camera and monitor don't like each other.  Does anyone know how to video a computer screen b/c I want to show you how easy it is to make this!

See ya tomorrow.