Thursday, July 7, 2011

Digital Greeting Cards

There are people out there who love the computer and feel one with it.  I do not...but I am enjoying My Digital Studio.  One of my downline told me the other day she was interested in getting MDS just to help her design cards.  It's like having a blank canvas and trying things out.  No paper to waste and the "stamps" are much cheaper and you can download them to your computer.  New images are coming available everyday.  I decided to show you today how you can use MDS to help inspire you.

Here is a card I found on Stampin' Connection made by Carolyn Beam using our Tree Trimmings Stamp Set.
A very pretty card.  Now here is my digital version of the same thing.  She could have used MDS to see what images looked good where and what colors made her project pop.  She probably didn't use MDS to create this card, but work with me.

Pretty Cool, huh?  Obviously, I don't have the 5/8" real red satin ribbon in my version of MDS, but I could go buy it right now.  I also didn't have the eyelet border punch so I used the scallop border punch which comes with the full version of the program.  Also, if I had the tree trimming stamp set, I could stamp the red ornament in the middle on white, cut it out and glue it on the front of my digital version for another 3D affect.  You could easily make all your christmas cards in 10 mins and be done with it!  Also, your "stamps" will NEVER be crooked.  That's a bonus!  So many options!


Carol said...

I think that MDS has a purpose for those who love to play with their computers and probably really good for designing scrapbook pages...but I'm one who loves the 3-D look and fun of making a card with all of our tools. Thanks for sharing the two cards. Hope your customer buys the MDS from you!