Monday, July 18, 2011

Comin' Home with lots to share!!

Hey everyone!  I am back from UTAH!  My mom and I had a wonderful time!
After every convention I feel totally overwhelmed by all that I have learned.  A lot of it ends up being training information for me and my downline.  They are all ideas of how to make you as customers feel more special and keep you more informed.

I always want to come home with 1 idea that will help me meet new stampers.  Now that Katie is a big girl (14 mos.), I am ready to start doing workshops with you and your friends.  I will continue to offer 2 classes a month in my home, but in addition to that, I will be contacting many of you to see when I could do a workshop for you and your friends.

The workshop is different than the classes you are used to.  When I come to your house, there is no fee for anyone.  I will demonstrate several projects and allow you to make 1 or 2 make n takes.  It is a shorter class, but there is plenty of time for your guests to sit and look through the catty.  It's a MUCH less stressful environment especially for new stampers and it generally yields much bigger parties than doing a class which could be overwhelming and stressful to your guests.

So, start thinking about when you could have your friends over.  The workshop is for smaller groups too.  I would say 5-8 people.  Smaller than a usual class so you don't have to stress out about inviting every person you know.  All you would do is provide drinks and maybe a dessert.  No need to go overboard :)

This will benefit everyone! 

We have also revamped our hostess rewards program.  Instead of earning a hostess set of level 1, 2 or 3, plus some cash to spend in the catty, you will now get all money to spend in the catty.  There are still exclusive hostesses sets, and those sets are priced at a discount to help your hostess dollars go farther.  Also, when you reach a certain level of sales at your party, YOU will get to choose 1 item for 50% off.  Been eyeing the big shot???  or marvelous Markers???

Go ahead and find a date that works for you and we, together, will get you LOTS of free product!

Have a great Monday!