Sunday, September 11, 2011

Halloween Home Decor

 I am excited to offer this fun home decor project.  I am offering this as either a Halloween or Christmas project for those of you who aren't into Halloween as much :)

Here is the picture of the Halloween Jar we will be making.  I don't have a picture of the christmas one, but I will be using the Merry Trees decor elements on that one along with christmas paper on the inside.

The cost for this class will be $35.  The jar and the balls add up.  If you would like to purchase your own jars and balls (I think you can get both at Old Time Pottery, but the balls at Michaels for sure), the cost for this class will only be $15.  If you don't send me an email telling me you'll be purchasing your own jar and balls, I will be getting them for you.

I will need rsvps for this class by September 29th

I really hope you can make it.  It's been a show stopper everywhere I have taken it!  Don't you want to make it for your home?

Spooky Bats (M)decor elements
1-1/4" olive striped ribbon
frightful sight dsp cut in 1/2" strips and rolled around a pencil
clear christmas balls
1/4" black grosgrain ribbon


Patti Willey said...

That looks great Becky! Maybe if it had candy corn you might see the Decor Element more clearly. I do love your filled ornaments though!

Beth Crocker said...

That is a great idea. At least putting candy corn in the bottom? I wish the decor elements was white. Your totally right though.