Friday, January 11, 2013

Beautiful New Product!

The 1 item in the new spring catalog that blew my mind is the All Dressed Up Suite on page 32.  To had a die that makes a pop up card is wonderful.  But, then you look at the price of all the items and you find out it's almost $100.  You ask yourself, "I will never be able to afford that, but I have to have it.  What can I do?"  Well, that's easy!  You email me and say, "I'm ready to host a part at my house with my friends."  You have a party and your total is $400, you will get $65 to spend plus a half off item.  That means you get the All Dressed Up bundle plus the dress form pop 'n cuts for free.  Then you get the base die 50% off and you get the whole collection for $20!  All you had to do was invite some people to your house to have an awesome time....Doesn't seem fair does it?   So, what day is good for you?  And to wet your whistle, here is a video on this awesome new product suite!  PS...I have to think that if this product costs so much, there will be more inserts coming our way.  That's my guess :)