Thursday, May 9, 2013

Wanting to use your Stampin' Up! stash to make a little extra money? Go Digital!

I have really enjoyed playing around with MDS creating invitations for different events.  Invitation services are pretty expensive.  Can you imagine having access to incredible digital images and high quality printing services literally at your fingertips?  You could start a side business with a few advertisements on Facebook :)  Here are 2 invites I've worked on the past few weeks.

This was the invite I made for my Father-in-Law.  It's considered a hybrid project since I added the brad and the ribbon after SU! mailed me the print portion.  I purchased the Hello, Doily digital image and cropped it to where I wanted it.  It's a good compromise b/t paper and digital.  The brad had no problem going through the mail.  Envelopes are included with our printing services.

This is my daughter's birthday invitation.  It was a little harder than the wedding one.  I have been watching as many MDS tutorials as I can.  I created this Minnie mouse using layered circle punches and the butterfly punch for her bow.  Not to different from paper punch art.  Whatever fonts you already have on your computer will automatically appear in your MDS.  I searched for a free Disney World Font and used it with this Minnie theme.  This was a postcard instead of a card that opens.  Here is the back.
Do you see the $$$ possibilities with this software?  I know I'm going to try to make a little extra.