Sunday, June 30, 2013

MDS Scout Swatchbook

I have been having so much fun making MDS swatchbooks this summer.  During the sale, these books were only $7.50.  What a steal!  Now they are just $10...still a steal!  As I have been learning more about the software, I can do even cooler things.  Here is one page from the book I made for my son's scout den to remember their first year of scouting.

The boys were so excited to get these little books and understandably so :)  This little book comes with 26 pages and it fits very nicely in a purse (gmas needing brag books :).
Have you tried MDS yet?  It's so easy and fun!  Here is another awesome video from the home office showing all the cool things you can do with this software.  Now, the video is very fast and you won't understand what all they are doing b/c you haven't had the training yet.  Don't get overwhelmed.  It's just like learning anything new.  I'll start digital training classed this fall.  Just enjoy this video for what it is...a sneak peek into all this software can do!


Carol Carriveau said...

Very cool idea, Beth!