Monday, July 1, 2013

MDS card

A few weeks ago, Drew was struggling with his hitting at the plate.  His teacher's son was the starting pitcher for the local HS and I asked him to come give Drew a few pointers to boost his confidence level.  Not only did it do that, but Drew got Most Improved Player on his team.  Thanks, Matt!  I don't have the great sport stamp set and I knew I wanted to make a baseball thank you card.  So, I went digital.  I bought the $3.95 digital set and went to town.  I even printed it out from my computer and glued it onto some cardstock.  Not my best work, but I only had about 20 mins to make it :)  Do we really think an 18 year old boy will look at this for more than a nanosecond?  Nope :)