Wednesday, May 23, 2012


So, as demonstrators, we are always very hesitant to get in on local craft shows.  My downline and I signed up to do the Botanical Garden Artstroll last month b/c it was a beautiful day with 100s of people looking around.  In the craft world, there is such a small group of us who really appreciate homemade paper items.  We all worked so hard on our projects to sell and were there all day.  Only sold about 8 things total.  If you have any suggestions on how to do better at those, we are ALL ears.  I was so proud of my girls!
Here was our booth that Dominique worked her magic on.  She really knows spacially how to make everything look beautiful!  Didn't help that it was a VERY windy day.

Here's a close up.

Let me just say I have hostess gifts for the rest of my career :)

All the items were very well thought out and beautiful, but I will have to say Caren's gift bags were my favorite!  I might have to do this at a club meeting!  Wouldn't you love to get a gift in these bags?

LOVE LOVE LOVE these!  Great Job Caren!