Monday, July 29, 2013

Unexpected Appreciation!

My downline has really exploded in the last 2 months and I am so appreciative!  I feel like after 9.5 years, my business is really starting to grow!  This month I hit $100,000 in career sales.  I did a private pat on the back and resumed business as usual.  Then I was checking some reports and saw a reward bonus deposited into my checking account!  $1000!!!!  I thought I was going to faint!  I didn't even know about that so it made my day!  It's just like putting your winter coat on for the first time and finding a $20 bill in the pocket!!  Except this was $1000!!!  Thank you SU!  I know most of the demos I follow get that kind of money all the time, but finally I was rewarded for my efforts and I am psyched!!!  So, I just wanted to share that mostly with my downline to let them know to keep working hard and your efforts will be rewarded!  I have put my time in for sure!  My husband would agree.   Well, onto what I really wanted to share with you :)

Are you intrigued by this new photopolymer stuff?  It is by far the best kind of stamp we sell. If I could trade all my stamps for this kind, I would in a heartbeat.  They are awesome!  You'll notice we don't have any photopolymer stamps in our main catalog.  SU! doesn't want to saturate our inventory until they find out if they will sell.  So, we will come out with new ones periodically.  I read this on the SU! blog:
Change is Good!
Much like in fashion and home décor, trends in paper crafting are changing all of the time. We often see trends from one area cross over into the other.
I am excited to see change! As creative artists, we tend to craft in our own unique style, but at the same time, we can also be inspired by current trends. By using new and fresh products, we are constantly growing as artists. I love paper crafting and I love following the current trends. Change is good and new products are good!
I share that with you b/c the photopolymer stamps are quite different than any others we sell.  I challenge you to try this new addition to our product line.  If you'd like to try it, we have an online class you can download.  You can check it out here.  I purchased this bundle and made lots of beautiful, yet out of my usual box, cards.
Try it out!!


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Congrats Beth! Wish I was closer so I give you a hug in person. You are such a creative person!-Sonja