Saturday, March 30, 2013

Fridge Grocery List

I ran out of paper in my grocery list pad.  I decided to make my own and have it match my kitchen.  I just bought a package of legal pads and had Staples cut them right down the middle.  Then I covered the cardboard at the top with DSP and then tied ribbon around it.  Then I peeled the corner up and used my cropadile to make a hole.  I then cut a small piece of matching DSP, rolled it up and put it inside my rsvp pen (staples).  I tied some baker's twine under the pen clip and added a sheet of magnet to the back.  The roll of magnet I had wasn't very strong so I covered the whole thing.  If you have a stronger magnet, you won't need nearly as much.  Here is where I tell you what I did wrong.  I would advise tying your baker's twine around the other end.  The way the pen is hanging now, the ink is draining the wrong way and my pen is usually dry.  So, hang it upside down.  This would be a fun class project or even club :)  Very inexpensive.