Saturday, November 12, 2011

Last and maybe least

This was my poor attempt to round out the place setting.  You can always tell when you are too tired to think.  I'm sure could come up with something better than this and I might try before Thanksgiving gets here...but, maybe this will get your juices flowing.  This is a wine glass finder.  Each person will have a different color button tied around their glass so they will know which one is his.

Spice Cake Designer Buttons
1/4" chocolate grosgrain ribbon (didn't have the espresso)

I just wrapped the ribbon around the neck of the glass and threaded it through the button holes and tied a bow.  Nothing fancy No adhesive required :)

I hope you have enjoyed all my place setting ideas this week.  You could easily adapt this to a Christmas Place Setting.

I'm off to make 5 more of all of these....I'm tired just thinking about will be a Thanksgiving Table we'll never forget and I will know I did it all by myself :)  I'm such a big girl!


Carol Carriveau said...

Certainly nothing wrong with your's different and fun and I'm sure they will love it!