Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fun at Regionals

Every other year, SU! makes a point to get closer to us in the South for a half-day regional.  2 years ago we went to Chattanooga and today the Southern Inkerbelles took the short trip down to B'ham for this year's regional.  We learned a crazy amount of techniques and did swaps with tons of other demos.  Our heads were exploding when we left!  Here are some highlights!
These girls are the reason I keep stamping!  I love being with them and they are all so excited about this craft we love so much!  Allison, Gretchen, Carol, Dominique, Stephanie, Kim, Shatze, Judy and I am in the middle :)  We were the only group to have matching t-shirts.  I loved being dressed the same as my just meant we went together!

It was announced that for the next 2 weeks in addition to the free big shot when you join, you will also get a special stamp set that they showed us.  I don't have a way to show it to you, but it is adorable!  Should I tell you that I get the set too if you join?

There is no better time to join!!

Here is one of the make n takes we did.  I accidentally erased the picture of the other one.  They were fun to make!

Here are a few of my favorite swaps.  I won't go into detail, but if there is something you can't figure out, just email me :)

What a great afternoon!  We caravanned (sp?) down, ate lunch together and enjoyed each other's company.  We all got 2 additional free make n take projects to make at home in addition to our new card box that you can find in our mini catalog.  I'll be excited to make mine.  Dominique even won our new stocking set through the prize patrol!!

So, if you have ever thought about doing this, we'd love to have you in our fun little group.  With each new person, it only gets more fun!  Maybe you could go to the next one with us!