Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Kindergarten Craft

So, as the crafty mom in my son's kindergarten class, I am in charge of the Fall Celebration craft on Friday.  I didn't want to do something cheesy with construction paper.  Come on! I'm a SU! demo..I can come up with something better than that!  So, I did.  I knew I wanted to use SU! products, but I also didn't want a bunch of 5 year olds messing up my stamps...so I made my own.

I used our leaves #2 die and cut 10 layers of thin foam and glued them all together.  I needed them to be tall enough that I wouldn't need a handle for the kids to hold.  These ended up being plenty tall.

Then, I used some acrylic paint and a foam paint brush and painted the non-glittery side of each stamp and stamped the towel.  I think it turned out great and I think the kids are really going to love it.  It will be a gift for their moms so I'm sure the moms will appreciate not having to put another Popsicle stick picture frame on their kitchen counter :)

Thanks SU! for always allowing me to be the crafty one!!!

DON'T FORGET....1 more week to join SU! and get the Big Shot for free!!!!


Lively Ink said...
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Lively Ink said...

I love this idea!!!! What kind of a towel did you use? and can you wash it with the acrylic paint! Thank you so much for sharing this idea!!! and may I also ask what kind of glue you used.

Beth Crocker said...

Thanks! I'm excited to see how the kids do with it tomorrow at the party :) I just used some cheap kitchen towels I got at Target...very poor quality. I don't think that acrylic paint should wash out...we'll see. And, I just used elmer's glue to glue the layers of foam together. VERY EASY CRAFT!!